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About us


The company “Po Sveta i u Nas” (Around the World and In Bulgaria) EOOD is a young and ambitious tourist agency, licensed to sell a full package of tourist services. It has been operating since early 2008 and has the ambition to diversify the presently offered by Sofia specialized agencies trips to unknown and not so famous tourist, natural and historic landmarks both in Bulgaria and abroad.


The company’s mission is to contribute with its high quality services and competitive prices for the emotional experience of Sofia citizens and guests by offering them one- and several day excursions to interesting and exciting sites such as the Tomb in Starosel, the Perperikon Sanctuary, the “Womb” cave, the holy places of the First and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom as well as to beautiful and breathtaking natural landmarks such as the Stob “Pyramids”, the Erma River Gorge, the caves “Ledenika”, “Orlova Chuka”, Sueva dupka” etc. as well as interesting trips both to neighboring countries and to more distant destinations.


“Around the World and In Bulgaria” EOOD’s offer is continuously renewed and reflects the new discoveries on the country’s and foreign tourist map. It includes for example visits to the “Nezabravka” (Forget-me-not”) hut in Stara Planina, walk around the “Surchum” Waterfall, the unique museum of the Neolith epoch in Stara Zagora, the rose oil distilleries in the “Rose Valley” and many other moving sites for which most Sofianites have scarce or very limited information.

The company boasts competent tourist service and individual approach to each tourist, as well as the ability to satisfy the specific information needs of specialized groups with interests in ecology, ethnography, history, archaeology, numismatics, etc.


The team responsible for the trips’ organization is young and enthusiastic. They possess the necessary general tourist and specialized information, and are highly motivated to succeed thanks to their competent and responsible work with the people.


Groups or individual foreign tourists could receive guided services in three main European languages (French, German, and English) as well as escorts in Russian.


The vision of the tourist agency “Around the World and In Bulgaria” EOOD is to provide for prices in the “pocket money” category a tourist product with high emotional and intellectual value for money. This approach is called both from the requirements for high competitiveness on the busy tourist market as well as from the will to “explode from within” the thinking of most people that trips to the country’s landmarks are the priority of unpretentious rather lower income social strata while a single travel to Paris or to the pyramids in Egypt is “chic”.


The company shall be glad to persuade any unbelieving client that one-day trip during the weekend to less known and different from the banal landmarks for the Sofia citizens (such as Mt. Vitosha and its surroundings) is a deserving experiment for a modest price. This definitely shall create everyone’s sustainable interest in the rich and diverse cultural and historic Bulgarian heritage and its lovely nature.

Last minute offers (оферти), Новини
НОВО!!! Изкачване първенецът на Ушинската планина – вр. Голям Чардак
Сребърна-Тутракан-Силистра-Сборяново-Абритус-Ивановски църкви-Орлова чука-Басарб.ман
Реселец-екопътека-водопад Скока-пещера Реселец-Струпецки манастир
Турция открива жп тунел под Босфора
С 5 милиона лева Леденика ще привлича чуждестранните туристи
Нов туристически маршрут ще свързва Белоградчишките скали с пещера Магура
Влак на цар Борис ІІІ ще представи кандидатурата на София и Варна за европейска културна столица
Повече български и чуждестранни туристи са посетили Етъра през 2011 г.
Броят на туристите в Рила застрашава екосистемата на парка
Откриха съкровище на цар Иван Шишман в крепост Урвич
Съдът даде "Дяволското гърло" на държавата
Германци купуват теснолинейката
Новият туристически сайт на България вече е готов
Липсата на пътища спира превръщането на много обекти в популярни туристически дестинации
Русия възобновява космическия туризъм от 2013 г.
Испания увеличава инвестициите в туризъм за възрастни хора
Община Трън подготвя трансграничен проект за туризъм
Пещера Лепеница вече е отворена за туристи
Никополис ад Иструм ще бъде реставриран по проект за 49 000 долара
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